Questions Asked

TellPopeyes Survey is a golden opportunity for the customers to place their feedbacks and win some lucrative rewards and enhance their customer satisfaction.

You can visit the official website and participate in the TellPopeyes Survey. On successful completion of the TellPopeyes Survey, you will receive a validation code. Just redeem the TellPopeyes Validation code on your next visit to the Popeyes and enjoy some free delicious chicken.

To be a part of the TellPopeyes Survey, you need to answer some questions. At the end of the TellPopeyes Survey, you will be provided with a validation code. Have a look at some of the questions asked in the TellPopeyes Survey:

  1. Rate your visit experience on a scale of 1 to 5
  2. Give some feedback about your last visit
  3.  Then rate your satisfaction with: Speed of the service, Staff-behavior, Served food accuracy and quality of the same, Cleanliness of the restaurant
  4. Is the price at the Popeyes affordable?
  5. Did you face any problems with your last visit to the Popeyes?
  6. Do you recommend the Popeyes?
  7. How do you rate the items you ordered?

On answering the above questions, just tap the “Submit” button and have a note of your validation code.