Well, you know that Popeyes Chicken is one of the best Popeyes items you can try. It is highly recommended to participate in the TellPopeyes Survey. On successful completion of the TellPopeyes Survey, a validation code will be provided. On your next visit to the Popeyes, validate that code and enjoy the free delicious chicken of the Popeyes. Quite a great deal, isn’t it?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to have the required code number to participate in TellPopeyes Survey?

Not at all. If you can’t participate in the TellPopeyes Survey, you can simply leave your feedback by using the contact details of the Popeyes.

What are the Popeyes Survey rewards?

TellPopeyes Survey offers you the rewards worth a $1000 gift card.

Where do I redeem my validation code? Is it possible at any Popeyes restaurant?

Why so confused? You can validate your TellPopeyes restaurant on any of the TellPopeyes Store and receive some lucrative rewards. Just make sure that you redeem that validation code before it expires.

How to contact TellPopeyes customer care?

You can visit the TellPopeyes official website at www.tacobell.com. For frequently asked questions, see Customer Service and Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also dial the TellPopeyes Customer Service at 1-800-822-6235.