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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen is the growing American food chain specializes in serving the best roasted chicken. Popeyes today operates more than 2600 restaurants in about 30 countries around the world. Quite a huge company, isn’t it? They have been serving some of the best-roasted chicken for the last 40 years. They claim second place, only after KFC in serving delicious chicken.

They have more than 30 branches as franchisees all over the world. Their aim is to be the 1st. Thus, they have introduced a TellPopeyes for the same purpose. TellPopeyes helps them to gather feedback from the customers, and plan their further strategies accordingly.

Popeyes changed its name to Popeye’s Chicken and Biscuits in 2008. Popeyes is famous for its delicious chicken dishes. They cover a variety of chicken dishes.

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Established more than forty years ago, Popeyes has become a world-renowned roast chicken restaurant in New Orleans. In addition to the famous chicken recipes, customers can enjoy delicious fish, seafood, and a wide selection of Creole and Popeye sandwiches. Today, without a doubt, you will find a Popeyes restaurant in more than 2,700 establishments around the world. TellPopeyes is expected to add more charm to the same.

Rewards for the TellPopeyes :

Tell Popeyes is one of the most interesting things before participating in the Tell Popeyes Survey. Have a look at them below:

  • Possibility of participating in the sweepstake
  • In case, you are the lucky winner of the TellPopeyes, then your name will be published on
  • TellPopeyes Survey can gift you with a $1000 gift card
  • Please note that the rewards of the TellPopeyes are not transferable in any case

How to enter the TellPopeyes?

  • First of all, please check that your device is connected to the internet.
  • Now, open your favorite browser. Google Chrome is the most used one.
  • Visit the official website at, to enter the TellPopeyes Survey.
  • Now input the restaurant number, date, and time of your visit on. You will find all this information on the TellPopeyes receipt.
  • After logging in, tap Start to begin.
  • Now, answer the TellPopeyes questions displayed on the screen.
  • Answering all the questions concludes the TellPopeyes Survey.

How do I claim my Popeyes Survey rewards?

Have a look at the below steps to claim your rewards:

  • Visit a Popeyes store and make a purchase.
  • Please check, that your purchase receipt has a 16-digit TellPopeyes Survey code stamped on it.
  • Now, visit the official website
  • Input the 16-digit Popeyes Survey code on the official website.
  • If you don’t have a receipt, but still want to share your comments, visit
  • Now, submit your store number, date, and time of the visit, and the items you have purchased at the Popeyes store.
  • Now, answer the TellPopeyes questions displayed on the screen. Please answer genuinely.
  • Noe, submit your personal details ( Name, Address, Phone number, etc).
  • Now a Thank You page will be displayed on the screen which indicates that “TellPopeyes has been successfully completed”.
Official NameTellPopeyes
LanguageEnglish, Spanish
RewardsGift Card, Cash Prize
CountryUnited States

On completion of the TellPopeyes Survey, you are now eligible to claim some lucrative rewards. If you give consent to the same, you have the opportunity to win a $ 1,000 cash prize. If you are lucky and win, your name will be published on the official website at You will also be informed by a call. Be sure that you submit your valid phone number while participating in TellPopeyes.

Note: The person participating in TellPopeyes must be at least 16 years old. You must answer the questions honestly to get your reward if you win. The value of the gift card is not transferable.

How to contact Popeyes?

At the end of the survey, you will receive a verification code that includes 2 roasted chickens and a free cookie. If you have problems, you can contact TellPopeyes Customer Service. Reach out our technical support team at 1-800-682-0219 to report problems. If you have any questions, visit the company’s official website at You can visit the nearby Popeyes store for more questions.


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